Domestic Air Services

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Express air cargo shipping does not have to be complex, nor overly expensive, but you need to have a trusted partner, someone that you can trust to meet your expectations while controlling costs. Fastline Logistics staff is experienced in all aspects of expedited shipping. Sometimes it is possible to meet the customers needs by utilizing creative routing methods. In fact, a large portion of North American air freight actually moves via ground. More often than not, the customer is paying for air services when the freight is actually riding in the back of a truck.

We utilize a wide variety of methods in meeting the requirements of each and every air freight shipment; including routing it ground, if time and equipment availability permits. If we can save you money while meeting your needs, we will... while passing the savings on to you. We utilize both cargo and commercial aircraft for the movement of goods by air. In order to place your shipment on a commercial airline, you must be cleared by the Department of Homeland Security.

As an Indirect Air Carrier, approved by the Department of Homeland Security, Fastline Logistics can help you with "Known Shipper" certification.

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Same Day Air Service

On-time performance is essential when downtime is expensive. Time critical expedited shipping can literally save an entity hundreds of thousands of dollars. We understand that and our express freight service network is built accordingly.

Same day shipping does have its limitations and those limitations vary according to specific airline. Remember, if same day service just doesn't provide the flexibility you need for that emergency situation, Fastline Logistics is capable of placing a chartered jet on the tarmac for you on short notice.

In addition, we provide cross- border air express shipping on a daily basis.


Over Night Service

Over night air service is the most commonly used form of air cargo transport. While many destinations may be a one day point via truck with a 2 man team, many destinations or early morning points simply are not. We realize that when shipping air, there is very little room for error. The product must be there by a certain time or it would not be moving via an air carrier.

Fastline Logistics is approved by the Department of Homeland Security. We are allowed to utilize commercial aircraft if the shipping customer is certified as a "Known Shipper". Fastline Logistics will assist you with the process to allow you greater flexibility when an air specific need arises.


Second Day Air

When we receive a call for 2nd day air freight, we immediately check our premiere ground network to make sure we can't cover it via ground transportation. Many of our customers are surprised to discover just how extensive our 2nd day premiere ground network is. If we can utilize it to meet your needs, we will.

We find that most of our 2nd day air freight shipments usually require additional special services; such as early morning delivery, or continued transportation to an extended out point location. Whatever your 2nd day needs are, Fastline Logistics will utilize all experience and skills available to ensure success with each and every shipment that you may have.