Freight Sales Agents

We'd like to discuss your professional goals, we would like to help you achieve them fully and satisfactory.

Let's talk about your business, your goals, your current requirements and business agency needs. You will not only be talking with an Executive Management Team with a solid operational background in all aspects of the industry, but with an Executive Manager who has also experienced the status of #1 Agent in other relationships. We know the business, both sides of it, and what goes on behind the doors that are usually closed to you, the Agent.

Let's talk!

We'll open those doors and we just might open your eyes as well.

Commission Based

With a Fastline Logistics affiliate relationship, you gain the competitive edge needed to enable you to generate high commission on the volume you generate.

Commissions and the growth of your business are interrelated. We understand that and we operate accordingly. Our operators are seasoned professionals with a keen understanding of how a commission structured business thrives, on an ongoing basis. Our commission structure is very competitive and paid on a biweekly basis. You are provided with full reports outlining your business activity and the earnings you have generated.

Before you sign an Affiliate Agency Sales Agreement with any freight provider, make sure you are going to get paid for everything you generate.

Lip service does not pay the bills!


No Territorial Restrictions

Your existing contacts are spread throughout the United States. You have clients in Canada and maybe a few in Europe. You continue to grow but the industry becomes more and more competitive. You need assistance with your growth plans and help in retaining your existing customer base.

You need more, you need Fastline Logistics.

We have no territorial restrictions. You can market your Agency worldwide. We do have standards that you must maintain. Those standards help ensure success for you and for all Affiliate Sales Agencies associated with Fastline Logistics.

Working with us is easy and rewarding. You have flexibility in your customer relationships and no geographical limitations in where they might be located.


Own Your Business

The economy is unpredictable. Most individuals are not going to invest in a business with such uncertainty. Yet for most freight providers, they require a financial investment in order for you to generate revenues for them. That is simply unacceptable. With a Fastline Logistics Affiliated Sales Agency Agreement, you pay us nothing. Nothing. Natta. Zero.

We pay you a very respectable commission on all the business you generate, day after day. We cover your operational requirements through a seasoned, experienced operational staff. Our administrative processes cover all the financial aspects associated with your business.

Fastline Logistics provides a turnkey opportunity for the right individuals, contact us today for more information.