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Personal customer service with a true concern for our customer's needs and expectations. With a professional network serving 25 countries world wide, a domestic network unparalleled in the industry. Fastline Logistics offers the expertise needed in managing crisis situations.

Searching for and selecting a qualified transportation company is not an easy task. We invite you to call us with any questions you might have. We ask you to trust us with one shipment.

Ground Services - LtL & Full Truckload
Air Freight - DHS Approved - Indirect Air Carrier
International Small Package Program
24/7 Tradeshow Coverage
Advance Warehouse - Direct to Show
Exhibitors, Show Management, Display Houses
Special Services On Demand


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Ground LtL, Truckloads

Fastline Logistics experienced operations staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide complete solutions for all your air cargo and ground logistic needs. Our operators maintain constant control of each shipment from the initial call for pickup to proof of delivery and actual invoicing.


Trade Show Specialists!

With Fastline Logistics Domestic Service, your options and our service capabilities are limited only by the industry that we represent. We utilize every means of air, ground, and ocean transportation available to meet your every air freight and ground shipping requirement.

Domestic Air Freight -
International Small Package

The Fastline Logistics International Division offers an array of value added international services that successfully extends the reach of our unique brand of transportation services to the furthest points on the globe. With constant tracking and a custom designed technology system, Fastline Logistics is able to relay precise, accurate shipment information 24 hours a day.